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Veranstaltungen am 29.11.2019:

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Kurs abgeschlossen Orientierungskurstest

(Horrem, ab Fr., 29.11.2019, 8.30 Uhr )

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Kurs abgeschlossen Prüfung telc Deutsch B2

(Horrem, ab Fr., 29.11.2019, 10.00 Uhr )

Anmeldung nur persönlich bei Frau Dr. Marcowitz

Mündliche Prüfung am 30. November 2019 in der Zeit zwischen 09:00 und 16:00 Uhr
This practical and interactive workshop is full of short, simple and preparation-free activities. It offers teachers eight fundamental thinking points which can be applied in lessons to add structure and give inspiration, and to improve students' learning experience. The eight ingredients include: thinking about students and mixed abilities; thinking about language; looking at authentic material in detail; examining what teachers can add to this material; developing "good beginnings" - lead-in activities; creating "good endings" - consolidation activities; providing lesson "take-aways" and investigating what students can do outside the classroom to review and practice their language skills. Examples and ideas will be taken from Oxford University Press' Headway 5th edition and its new online components; however, the principles and activity types covered in this workshop session are generic and can be used in a wide range of teaching situations and with different materials. Teachers attending the workshop will be able to order a free copy of Headway 5th edition at a level of their choice.

The workshop is free of charge and will be given by Lis Winterwerb-Cossons, ELT Consultant, Oxford University Press.

Elisabeth Winterwerb-Cossons has been in the post of ELT Consultant (West and Central Germany) for Oxford University Press since June 2018. Prior to that she spent twelve years as an English Language Trainer working with a wide variety of international companies and adult educational institutions across the Rhein-Main region. She also has extensive experience in training teachers, delivering intercultural workshops and developing educational materials. Before becoming involved in English language teaching, she worked in Environmental Education in Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa and the UK. Elisabeth has lived in Germany for 24 years.

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