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This course will help you to improve your speaking skills, increase your vocabulary and revise your grammar in a relaxed atmosphere.

auf Warteliste Englisch, Stufe B1 Für Teilnehmer/-innen mit Vorkenntnissen

(Niederaußem, ab Do., 09.02.2023, 18.30 Uhr )

Wir arbeiten weiter mit dem Lehrbuch und lesen eine Lektüre.

auf Warteliste English Refresher, Stufe B1

(VHS-Haus, BM, ab Di., 07.02.2023, 18.00 Uhr )

Freshen up your English, talk, make new friends, keep your mind active, learn new things...lots of reasons to come to this course. We'll have a lively time each week talking about new topics, and working from the book.
This course is suitable for learners with a fair knowledge of the English language. Have fun while learning in a pleasant atmosphere. You are never too old to learn!

auf Warteliste Englisch, Stufe B1

(vhs-Haus, BM, ab Mi., 08.02.2023, 9.00 Uhr )

Would you like to brush up your English in an atmosphere that is easy going and relaxed? Do you wish to improve your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, but also do a lot of conversation to help you in everyday situations? Then this is the right course for you. Come and join us!

auf Warteliste Englisch, Stufe B1+

(Quadrath, ab Mo., 06.02.2023, 18.30 Uhr )

If you enjoy speaking and reading in English come and join this course.

auf Warteliste Englisch - Konversation, Stufe B1

(Horrem, ab Mo., 06.02.2023, 10.30 Uhr )

This course will help you improve your speaking skills. We will work on vocabulary and revise grammar topics.

auf Warteliste Englisch - leichte Konversation, Stufe B1

(VHS-Haus, BM, ab Do., 09.02.2023, 10.45 Uhr )

The focus in this course is on conversation and lively discussions based on current topics.

auf Warteliste Englisch - Konversation, Stufe B1/B2

(Horrem, ab Mo., 06.02.2023, 18.30 Uhr )

During this course students are able to re-activate their English as well as learn new English skills in a very relaxed atmosphere. Using our text book as a base we will discuss various topics while emphasizing new vocabulary and language structures through various warm-up and language exercises.

auf Warteliste Englisch - Konversation, Stufe C1

(Horrem, ab Di., 07.02.2023, 9.00 Uhr )

We will be discussing current affairs and topics of general interest. We will also look at how to avoid common mistakes. Why not come along and join our lively group?

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